About Our Company
"Press Release"

Peter A. Kypreos, President

- Accountant - ICIA.
- Certified Debt Specialist
- Certified Business Consultant

Along with 30 years of experience in the General Practice of Accountancy, KAL has encountered and solved many problems likely to be met in business and has the skills and the experience necessary to recognize the pit falls that could trip up new business seekers.

Starting 2014 through 2016, Peter A. Kypreos has updated his educational qualification in:

Accounting I & II, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Principals of Management, Modern Mathematics, Business Writing, Canadian Business Law, Cost Accounting and Advanced Accounting Practices, along with the completion of  a meticulous and rigorous training program to successfully pass a complex exam through the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.

Therefore, as a Certified Business Consultant, KAL can now accept and perform small to medium size enterprise consulting engagements in Canada, United States and Internationally.

Designations are awarded exclusively to AASBC's international members. They let the global community know that ASBC's and Master ASBC's have attained the same level of expertise as their U.S. counterparts...passing the same rigorous exam and having the same requirements to attain the Master ASBC level. The title of the certification, however, better describes how "small  businesses" are referred to outside of the U.S. Just as cultural differences exist across country borders, so do descriptions of how businesses are generally referred to...small business or and the same. 

While the AASBC name utilizes the words "small business" in its title, the association with its uniqueness and training encompasses far more than just "small business." The certifications of Accredited SME Consultant and Master Accredited SME Consultant allow our international members to show the world that they are unique among consultants having a distinct international designation from a globally recognized association.

When accepting an engagement, we serve our customers by performing our tasks in a timely, consistent and accurate manner and when interfacing with our clients, we aim to be polite, friendly, professional and efficient. When situations arise that require an immediate response, we take the initiative and proactively address our clients needs. Therefore, our mission is to provide timely, accurate and meaningful financial information and advice to all our clients.

KAL always endeavors to promote compliance with taxation laws, regulations and reporting requirements through technical and financial skills, coupled with the expertise in the general practice of accountancy, is always paramount when taking on a new engagement.

It is for this reason that we pride ourselves not only on our services, but one that embodies the standard of excellence and professionalism.

KAL respects our clients as a whole, and we are committed to providing the best service possible, to ensure our clients success.


Guild of Industrial, Commercial, Institutional Accountant of Canada
International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators
Institute of Professional Financial Managers
Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants
Better Business Bureau - Canada