KAL believes that we have a fundamental responsibility to safeguard and advance the interests of society. This implies acting with trustworthiness, integrity, and objectivity. The responsibility extends beyond our own behaviour, the behaviour of our colleagues and to the standards of the profession.

KAL further believes that we need to act in the interest of our clients at all times and we are prepared to sacrifice self-interests to do so.

KAL continually strives to upgrade and develop our technical knowledge and skills in the areas in which we practice as professionals. This technical expertise is used with due professional care and judgement.

KAL refuses and will not associate itself with any information which we know, or ought to know, to be false or misleading.

KAL makes every effort to act openly and fairly towards others in the practice of our profession.


1. To provide clients with high-quality professional services.

2. To remain current and up to date on matters relating to the profession.

3. To maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the client’s personal and business affairs.

4. To be loyal to the client and work in the best interest of the client.

5. Not to engage in any activity that is in conflict with the client’s interests.

6. Not to engage in any matter that violates professional standards.

7. When situations arise that require an immediate response, take the initiative to proactively address the clients' needs.

8. Perform tasks in a timely, consistent and accurate manner.

9. Be polite, friendly, professional and efficient.


1. To always be mindful at all times, to conduct ourselves with integrity.

2. When requested or required to do so, provide government agencies or bodies with information that, to the best of our knowledge is correct.

3. Be objective in our professional judgments, actions and interpretations.

4. Endeavours to promote compliance with taxation laws, regulations & reporting requirements through technical & financial skills.